Ehemalige Teammitglieder


  1. DANIS, Gabriel (Film)
  2. DASCHEK, Stefan (Serverbetreuung)
  3. HOFER, Margit
  4. KALLINGER, Sandro (webdesign, photography)
  5. LERCH, Anja
  6. ÖLLER, Roland (Film)

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DANIS, Gabriel

Gabriel Danis is an English student at the University of Vienna. Prior to his studies he attained the Digital Filmmaking program at the SAE in Vienna. Gabriel Danis has been working for the ministry of education, the arts and culture for the last two years in which he documented several projects in the form of interviews and filmclips. Gabriel is experienced in the arias of digital filmmaking and webdesign.

Projects on behalf of BM:UKK - EU Projects:

Since 2012: Puls TV

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Diploma thesis about augmented reality visualization of different gamut mapping algorithms (Technical University of Vienna)
Expertise: Consultant and Developer focused on web technologies, virtual and augmented reality, visualization, usability, software engineering

Die Antwort, http://www.dieantwort.eu/

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She has a masters degree in Socioeconomic from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. So she knows to combine economic, historical, judicial, political and communicative based coherences within society. In the year 2009 she studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA. Furthermore, she specialises in  the field of Change Management and Management Development, where she gets profession in innovative network-management, project-management, virtual organisations and multi-cultural affiliated groups. Since three years she is now an active member of the Virtuelle Schule Austria. Besides her finance and project- management tools, her work consists of translating german scenarios or evaluations to an english version. She is also involved in planning national and international project meetings.

ICT Projects on behalf of the BM:UKK:

  • Involved in: Pathway (2011-14), KLiC (2009-11), pSkills (2009-11), (OSR (2009-12), RUeNTER (2009-11)
  • Finalized projects: Atlas@Cern (2008-10), Metaschool (2008-10), Inspire (2007-09)

Since 2011: FH Wien, Wifi

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Sandro Kallinger is studying Multimedia at the "Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt" in Vienna, specialized in audio and video technology.

Previously he graduated at the commercial academy in Oberpullendorf, focused on information and communication technology, and studied Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaften at the University of Vienna for two years.

Projects on behalf of the BM:UKK:

  • webdesign, photography and digital image processing

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