Liste der beteiligten Netzwerke&Projekte

Übersicht über die Projekte & Netzwerke, die an den internationalen Projekten, deren Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen in die Folgeprojekte einfließen.

CerOrganic, Metaschool, Organic.Edunet, Pathway, Pri-Sci-Net, Atlas@Cern, OSR, RUeNTER, U4Energy, ...

  1. AAC, CerOrganic
  2. aBard, http://www.a-bard.org, METASCHOOL
  3. Abfallforum, http://www.abfallforum.at, Organic.Edunet
  4. ADL Shareable Content Object Reference Model, http://www.adlnet.org, Organic.Edunet
  5. Agricultural Learning Repositories, AgLR—TF, http://aglr.aua.gr, METASCHOOL
  6. Agriculture and Agroecology, http://www.organic-edunet.eu and  http://www.virtuelleschule.at/organic.edunet, METASCHOOL
  7. AGRIGRID, Methodological grids for payment calculations in rural
    development measures in the EU, http://www.macaulay.ac.uk/agrigrid, CerOrganic
  8. Agrimarketing, CerOrganic
  9. AgriPolicy, http://www.agripolicy.net, CerOrganic
  10. Agroweb, http://www2.ellinogermaniki.gr/ep/agroweb, Organic.Edunet
  11. ALPHATRAIN, http://www.ea.gr/ep/alphatrain/, METASCHOOL
  12. Arche Noah - Gesellschaft für die Erhaltung der Kulturpflanzenvielfalt und ihre Entwicklung, http://www.arche-noah.at, Organic.Edunet
  13. ARGE Abfallvermeidung, http://www.arge.at, Organic.Edunet
  14. Armonia, http://www.armoniaproject.net, METASCHOOL
  15. Ars Electronica Center, Linz http://www.aec.at, ATLAS@CERN
  16. ASK Learning Object Social Tagging Toolkit, http://www.ask4research.info/ask-lost/ and Metadata Authoring Toolkit, http://www.ask4research.info/products_toc.php, OSR
  17. ATLAS Education and Outreach Committee, http://atlas.ch/committee/committee.html, ATLAS@CERN
  18. ATLAS für LehrerInnen, http://teachers.web.cern.ch/teachers/, ATLAS@CERN
  19. ATLAS für SchülerInnen, http://atlas.ch/students.html, ATLAS@CERN
  20. ATLAS Materialien http://cosmicvariance.com:80/2007/05/30/hunt-for-thehiggs/, ATLAS@CERN
  21. ATLAS, http://www.atlas.ch, ATLAS@CERN

  22. BIO AUSTRIA, http://www.bio-austria.at, Organic.Edunet
  23. Bio Erleben, http://www.bio-erleben.at/, Organic.Edunet
  24. Bio Net, http://www.bio-net.at, Organic.Edunet
  25. Bio-/Gentechnik-Demonstrationslabor der Mittelstufe,
    http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/, METASCHOOL
  26. Bio-/Gentechnik-Demonstrationslabor, http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/, METASCHOOL
  27. BIO@GRO: Demonstration of an online Multilingual Biological
    Agriculture eServices System for Organic Farmers, Traders, Institutions and Citizens, http://www.bioagro.gr, METASCHOOL
  28. BIOAGRO, http://www.bioagro.gr, CerOrganic
  29. BIOHEAD: Biology, health and environmental education for
    better citizenshi, http://projectos.iec.uminho.pt/projeuropa/, METASCHOOL
  30. Biolebensmittel, http://www.biolebensmittel.at, Organic.Edunet
  31. BMLFUW, Filmservice: http://filme.lebensministerium.at
    und http://bmlf.filmservice.at, Organic.Edunet
  32. BMLFUW, Fotoservice: http://fotoservice.lebensministerium.at, Organic.Edunet
  33. BMLFUW, Lebensministerium, http://www.lebensministerium.atLehrpfade: http://lehrpfade.lebensministerium.atBMLFUW, Publikationen: http://publikationen.lebensministerium.at, Organic.Edunet
  34. Boinformatics – Discover the Secrets of the Genome, http://www.weizmann.ac.il/bioinformatics-e/, Pathway

  35. CAB Thesaurus CABI, http://www.cabi.org, Organic.Edunet
  36. CALIBRATE - Calibrating eLearning in Schools, http://calibrate.eun.org/, METASCHOOL
  37. Carbon Detectives CO2 Rechner für Schulen, http://www.carbondetectives.at, U4Energy
  38. Centre of Research in Informal Education (CREI)
    http://www.museoscienza.org/, Pathway
  39. CELEBRATE, http://celebrate.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/index_celebrate.cfmOSR, METASCHOOL
  40. CERN, http://www.cern.ch, ATLAS@CERN
  41. CGIAR - Consultitive Group on International Agricultural Research, http://www.cgiar.org, Organic.Edunet
  42. Cite Ulike, http://citeUlike.com, OSR
  43. COLLAGE - Collaborative Learning pLAtform using Game-like Enhancement, http://www.ea.gr/ep/collage/ and http://collage.virtuelleschule.at, METASCHOOL, OSR
  44. COMCULT, http://www.eduvinet.de/comcult/d/index.htm, METASCHOOL
  45. COMENIUS and GRUNDTVIG actions, http://ec.europa.eu/education/trainingdatabase/, OSR
  46. Computational Science Alliance, http://www.eot.org, Pathway
  47. CONNECT, www.ea.gr/ep/connect, OSR, Pathway
  48. CONNECT:Designing the classroom of Tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal environments, http://www.connect-project.net, COSMOS, METASCHOOL
  49. Connotea, http://www.connotea.org/, OSR
  50. CONVERGENCE, http://www.dep.u-picardie.fr/convergence/en/index_en.php, METASCHOOL
  51. Core Organic, http://www.coreorganic.org, Organic.Edunet
  52. COSMOS Summerschool, http://www.ea.gr/ep/cosmos-summer-school, OSR
  53. COSMOS: An Advanced Scientific Repository for Science Teaching and Learning, http://www.cosmos-project.eu/, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  54. CO2 - Rechner des FORUM Umweltbildung für Einzelpersonen, http://www.umweltbildung.at/co2, U4Energy
  55. CO2 und Fußabdruckrechner, http://www.umweltbildung.at/footprint, U4Energy

  56. D-Space, http://www.discoveryspace.net/
  57. Career Guide, http://www.career-guide.eu/, METASCHOOL
  58. DAF, http://www.daf-netzwerk.org/, METASCHOOL
  59. del.icio.us, http://del.icio.us, OSR
  60. Development Youth Prize, http://www.dyp2006.org, METASCHOOL
  61. Die Erneuerbaren, http://www.wilderwind.at, U4Energy
  62. DISCOVERY DAYS - Advanced Technology meets Science and Culture, http://www.ea.gr/ep/discoverydays, METASCHOOL
  63. Discovery Days Austria, http://www.virtuelleschule.at/discovery-day, METASCHOOL
  64. DiscoverySpace, http://www.discoveryspace.net, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  65. Drogenfreie Schule (Drug Free Schools), http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/proj/, METASCHOOL

  66. E-Commode, http://www.e-comode.com/, METASCHOOL
  67. Education and Outreach Portal of ATLAS, http://www.atlas.ch, Pathway
  68. Education Faculty of National Computational Science Institute (NCSI), http://www.shodor.org/scsi, Pathway
  69. e-PAIDEIA, http://www.e-paideia.gr, OSR
  70. Ecolearning, CerOrganic
  71. ECOLOGICA, Online learning in organic farming, http://www.ecologica.net/website/, CerOrganic
  72. eColours*, http://ecolours.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  73. ECONET COHAST, ECOlogical NETwork for the promotion of convergent conservation strategies in COastal HAbitatS of CommuniTy significance, http://www.econet-coast.eu/, CerOrganic
  74. ECSITE, European Network of Science Education http://www.ecsite.net, ATLAS@CERN, OSR
  75. ECSITE: PENCIL – Permanent European resource Centre for
    Informal Learning http://www.xplora.org, Inspire
  76. Electronic and Visualization Laboratory,Chicago http://spaceplanting.coe.missouri.edu, COSMOS
  77. Electronic portfolio system Confolio, http://www.confolio.org, Organic.Edunet
  78. eMapps, http://www.emapps.com/, METASCHOOL
  79. Emires, http://www.emires.net, METASCHOOL
  80. Emotional and cognitive aspects of learning,
    http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/proj/, METASCHOOL
  81. Energie mit Fantasie, http://www.klimabuendnis.at, U4Energy
  82. Energie Quiz, http://www.playmit.com, U4Energy
  83. Energie und Energieeffizienz verstehen, http://www.e-control.at/schule, U4Energy
  84. Energie und Schule, http://www.energieundschule.at, U4Energy
  85. Energie, was ist das? Energie und Klima I+II, http://www.klimabuendnis.at, U4Energy
  86. Energiedetektive, http://www.oekolog.at, U4Energy
  87. Energieportal des FORUM Umweltbildung, http://www.umweltbildung.at, U4Energy
  88. ENIS School Network, http://www.enis.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  89. Entrepreneurship Action in AUA: Support of Entrepreneurship Activities, Innovative Applications and Vocational Courses for the Students and Alumni of the Agricultural University of Athens,
    http://meli.aua.gr/pythagoras/Static_content/project6/index.php, METASCHOOL
  90. EPICC , http://www.epiccproject.info, METASCHOOL
  91. EPS, European Physics Society http://www.eps.org, ATLAS@CERN
  92. eSchola 2003, http://eschola.eun.org/, METASCHOOL
  93. ESERA, European Science Education Research Association
    http://www.naturfagsenteret.no/esera/, ATLAS@CERN
  94. ESHA, European Headmasters Association http://www.esha.org, ATLAS@CERN
  95. eTwinning, http://www.etwinning.net, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  96. EUPEN, European Physics Education Network http://www.eupen.ugent.be/, ATLAS@CERN
  97. European Association for Astronomy in Education - EAAE http://www.eaae-astro.org, COSMOS
  98. European CEN/ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop,
    http://www.cenorm.be/isss/Workshop/lt/, OSR
  99. European Quality Observatory, http://www.eqo.info, METASCHOOL
  100. European science centres,
    http://martin.heureka.fi/exhibitions/lasten_heureka/lasten_heureka_final_eng.swf, OSR
  101. European Science Weeks , www.ea.gr/ep/discoverydays, OSR
  102. EUSCEA: Wonders 2007 http://euscea.iphos.com/Wonders2007/Start.html, Inspire
  103. EVDOXOS, http://www.ea.gr/ep/eudoxos, METASCHOOL
  104. EXPLOAR, http://www.ea.gr/ep/exploar, Pathway
  105. Exploratorium Digital Library, http://www.exploratorium.edu/educate/dl.html, OSR
  106. Explore and Discover National Science Contest
    http://www.ea.gr/science, Pathway

  107. Fachhochschule Joanneum, Graz, COSMOS
  108. Fachhochschulrat Geschäftsstelle, http://www.fhr.ac.at, Organic.Edunet
  109. FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations), www.fao.org, Organic.Edunet
  110. FAO's AGROVOC, www.fao.org/aims/, Organic.Edunet
  111. FARS - Fußabdruckrechner für Schulen, http://www.fussabdrucksrechner.at/schulen, U4Energy
  112. Flickr, www.flickr.com, OSR
  113. Forschung macht Schule www.forschungmachtschule.at, ATLAS@CERN
  114. Forum Umweltbildung (BM:UKK, BMLFUW), www.umweltbildung.at, Organic.Edunet
  115. Future Energia, http://www.futurenergia.eu, Pathway
  116. Fußabdruck, www.mein-fussabdruck.at, Organic.Edunet

  117. Gegenstandsportal der HLFS, hlfs.schule.at, Organic.Edunet
  118. Generation Blue, www.generationblue.at, Organic.Edunet
  119. Genuss Region Österreich, www.genuss-region.at, Organic.Edunet
  120. Global Learning Consortium Inc, www.imsproject.org, OSR
  121. Green Week Competitions for schools 2, greenweek.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  122. Green Week Competitions for schools 3, greenweek.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  123. Green Week Competitions for schools 4, greenweek.eun.org, METASCHOOL

  124. HAICTA 2008, http://infolab.aua.gr/haicta/conf/, METASCHOOL
  125. Hand on & Brains on, http://www.heureka.fi, METASCHOOL
  126. Hands-On-CERN project, http://hands-on-cern.physto.se/, ATLAS@CERN
  127. Hands on Science HiSi, http://www.hsci.info/index.html, Pri-Sci-Net
  128. Hands-on Brains-on science teaching
    www.xplora.org/ww/en/pub/xplora/hands_on_brains_, Pathway
  129. Heureka, http://www.heureka.fi/, OSR
  130. HEXT-Learn, Higher education exploring ICT use for Lifelong Learning, http://www.hextlearn.eu/, CerOrganic
  131. Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik, http://www.agrarhochschule.at, Organic.Edunet
  132. Hochwasserrisiko, http://www.hochwasserrisiko.at, Organic.Edunet

  133. iClass, esw.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  134. IEEE Learning Object Metadata, ltsc.ieee.org/wg12, Organic.Edunet
  135. IEEE LTSC, Learning Technologies Standards Committee, ieeeltsc.org  , OSR
  136. IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, 
    www.ifoam.org, Organic.Edunet
  137. Implista, CerOrganic
  138. IMS Content Packaging, www.imsglobal.org/content/packaging/index.html, Organic.Edunet
  139. IMS Learning Design, www.imsglobal.org/content/packaging/index.html, Organic.Edunet
  140. IMST - Innovationen Machen Schulen Top! imst.uni-klu.ac.at, ATLAS@CERN
  141. IMST Wiki - Plattform für Lehrinhalte und Lernprozesse, www.imst.ac.at/wiki, U4Energy
  142. Informal Learning, www.infed.org/biblio/inf-lrn.htm, COSMOS
  143. INLET, www.ea.gr/ep/inlet/, METASCHOOL
  144. InLOT (In the Lab of Tomorrow) – A business case of using wearable computers and intelligent sensors in science education,
    www.ea.gr/ep/inlot/ and www.virtuelleschule.at/inlot, METASCHOOL
  145. Insafe plus, www.saferinternet.org, METASCHOOL
  146. Inspire, inspire.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  147. Inspiring Science Learning in Science Museums and Science Centers, www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/proj/, METASCHOOL
  148. Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida, www.ist.ucf.edu, OSR
  149. Institute for Study of Knowledge Management in Education, www.iskme.org, OSR
  150. Interactive Websites, http://www.anabelamor.be/stipps, Pri-Sci-Net
  151. International Astronomy SkyWatch Contest,
    www.discoveryspace.net/skywatch2007, COSMOS
  152. INTRASOFT International SA, www.intrasoft-intl.com, OSR
  153. IPR helpdesk, www.ipr-helpdesk.org, OSR
  154. ISKME, www.iskme.org, OSR
  155. ISOTEIA, Integrated System for the Promotion of Territorial & Environmental Impact Assessment in the Framework of Spatial Planning, www.isoteia.org, CerOrganic

  156. Kabelsalat, www.kabelsalat.tv, U4Energy
  157. Kindermeilenkampagne, www.klimabuendnis.at, U4Energy
  158. Klimaaktiv, http://www.klimaaktiv.at, Organic.Edunet
  159. Klimafit, www.klimafit.at, U4Energy
  160. Klima-Info - Österreichisches Portal für Bildung und Klimaschutz,
  161. www.klimainfo.at, U4Energy

  162. Lange Nacht der Forschung www.langenachtderforschung.at, ATLAS@CERN
  163. LaProf, Language Learning for Professionals in ICT and Agriculture, 
    www.laprof.eu, CerOrganic
  164. Learning Technologies Standards Committee, ieeeltsc.org, COSMOS
  165. Learning with ATLAS @ CERN, http://www.learningwithatlas.eu, Pathway
  166. LeMill, lemill.net, METASCHOOL
  167. LIFE, life.eun.org, METASCHOOL

  168. Management Standards, www.fao.org/aims/, Organic.Edunet
  169. MEDFROL, Market and Trade Policies for Mediterranean Agriculture, 
    medfrol.maich.gr, CerOrganic
  170. MELT - Metatadata Ecology for Learning and Teaching, melt-project.eun.org, METASCHOOL, OSR
  171. Mobot, www.mobot.com, OSR
  172. MoTfAL, www.ellinogermaniki.gr/ep/motfa, METASCHOOL
  173. Museo Scienza, http://www.museoscienza.org/smec/courses.html, OSR
  174. MUSE, http://www.ea.gr/ep/muse, METASCHOOL
  175. MUSIS: SIBED Program, Sweden-Israel Testbed for Wireless Applications, http://www.musis.se, COSMOS, OSR

  176. National Science Digital Library, http://nsdl.org, OSR
  177. Nationalparks, http://www.nationalparks.at, Organic.Edunet
  178. Naturgefahren - Schutz, http://www.biberberti.lebensministerium.at, Organic.Edunet
  179. NaturNet, http://www.naturnet.org, METASCHOOL
  180. Near Field Communication techniques (NFC), www.nfcforum.org/home, OSR
  181. NEMED - Network of Multigrade Education, http://www.nemed-network.org, Organic.Edunet, Metaschool
  182. NOVA AGROASIS - Nordic School of Agroecology/Ecological Agriculture, http://www.agroasis.org, Organic.Edunet
  183. NOVA University - Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network, http://www.nova-university.org, Organic.Edunet
  184. NSCF (Nordisk Science Centerförbundet), http://www.nordicscience.org/, OSR

  185. OIKOS: Originating Innovative methods to learn and teach Knowledge, http://www.e-oikos.net, METASCHOOL
  186. ÖKOLOG Ordnerbox - Kapitel Energie, www.oekolog.at, U4Energy
  187. Ökosoziales Forum Österreich, www.oesfo.at, Organic.Edunet
  188. On the Edge, www.ea.gr/ep/ontheedge/, METASCHOOL
  189. Open Educational Resources Commons initiative, www.oercommons.org, OSR
  190. Organic.Edunet, portal.organicedunet.eu, RUeNTER, CerOrganic,
  191. ORGAP, Organic Action Plan, www.orgap.org, CerOrganic
  192. Österreichisches Kuratorium für Landtechnik und Landentwicklung, www.oekl.at, Organic.Edunet
  193. OWL Web Modelling Ontology Language, www.w3.org/TR/owl-features, Organic.Edunet

  194. P2P, http://p2p.eun.org
  195. P2V, http://p2v.eun.org
  196. Pathway, www.ea.gr/ep/pathway, METASCHOOL
  197. Pencil, http://www.xplora.org/ww/en/pub/xplora/nucleus_home/pencil.htm, METASCHOOL
  198. PENCIL: Permanent European Resource Centre for Informal Learning, www.xplora.org, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  199. Pôle Universitaire Européen de Lorraine: GRID http://www.grid-network.eu/, Inspire
  200. Prelude, www.ea.gr/ep/prelude, METASCHOOL
  201. PRIMA, Prototypical Policy Impacts on Multifunctional Activities in
    rural municipalities, prima.cemagref.fr, CerOrganic
  202. Prolearn, www.prolearn-project.org, METASCHOOL

  203. Q-Plan: Discovery Days www.ea.gr/ep/discoverydays, Inspire
  204. QMPP, Quality Management for Peer-Production,
     http://www.qualityfoundation.org/peer-production/, CerOrganic
  205. Qual-C, QUALITY ASSURANCE NETWORK FOR ADULT LEARNING CENTRES, www.qualityfoundation.org/qualc/, CerOrganic
  206. QuarkNet project, QuarkNet.fnal.gov, ATLAS@CERN

  207. Read it easy, www.readiteasy.org, METASCHOOL
  208. Reformation of studies programmes - Expansion of higher education: IRAKLEITOS,
    www.aua.gr/gr/heraklitos/, METASCHOOL
  209. Resources for teachers, http://9dim-rethymn.reth.sch.gr /contents_en/downloads.html, Pri-Sci-Net
  210. RuDI, Rural Development Impacts, www.rudi-europe.net, CerOrganic
  211. RURAL WINGS, www.ruralwings-project.net, RUeNTER, COSMOS, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  212. Rural-eGov: Training SMEs of Rural Areas on Using e-Government Services, rural-egov.eu, METASCHOOL
  213. RuraLEARN, www.ruralearn.eu, METASCHOOL, RUeNTER

  214. Safefoodnet, CerOrganic
  215. SCHEMAS (EU Projekt), www.schemas-forum.org    , Organic.Edunet
  216. School – Foresight www.school-foresight.org, COSMOS, METASCHOOL
  217. Schule am Bauernhof, www.schuleambauernhof.at, Organic.Edunet
  218. Science Center Netzwerk www.science-center-net.at, ATLAS@CERN
  220. Science in School, http://www.scienceinschool.org, Pri-Sci-Net
  221. Science Unleashed project – a project for post primary school students, http://www.scienceunleashed.ie/, Pathway
  222. ScieTech, Hands-on Museum, Aurora, scitech.mus.il.us, COSMOS, OSR
  223. School of Tomorrow, http://www.schooloftomorrow.gr, Pathway
  224. SEAMLESS, System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society, http://www.seamless-ip.org/, CerOrganic
  225. Semacode, www.semacode.org, OSR
  226. SHAME, shame.sourceforge.net, Organic.Edunet
  227. Shield www.shieldproject.org, COSMOS
  228. Sky watch, www.ea.gr/ep/skywatch, METASCHOOL, Pathway
  229. Social tagging, del.icio.us, OSR
  230. SoRURALL!, www.sorurall.eu, RUeNTER
  231. Spaceplanting, spaceplanting.coe.missouri.edu, OSR
  232. Sparkling Science - Jugend in Forschung www.sparklingscience.at, ATLAS@CERN
  233. SPREAD, www.reu.pub.ro/spread, METASCHOOL
  234. Spring Day in Europe 2004, futurum2004.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  235. Spring Day in Europe 2005, futurum2005.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  236. Spring Day in Europe 2006, futurum2006.eun.org, METASCHOOL
  237. Spring Day in Europe 2007, www.springday2007.net, METASCHOOL
  238. Steve, www.steve.museum, OSR
  239. STIPPS, http://www.stipps.info, Pri-Sci-Net
  240. STRIM, Remotely Accessed Decision Support System for Transnational
    Environmental Risk Management, STRiM, www.strim.eu, CerOrganic
  241. SWEET WATER, www.ea.gr/ep/sweet-water/, METASCHOOL

  242. TELEACCESS, www.teleaccess.org, RUeNTER
  243. Teleaccess, www.teleaccess.org, METASCHOOL
  244. The Discovery Space Portal, www.discoveryspace.net, COSMOS
  245. the European CEN/ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop,
    www.cenorm.be/isss/Workshop/lt/, COSMOS
  246. The Knowledge Foundation, www.kks.se, ATLAS@CERN
  247. The Lab of Tomorrow project, www.ea.gr/ep/laboftomorrow and http://www.inlot.eu, Pathway
  248. The Schools Observatory project, http://www.schoolsobservatory.org.uk, COSMOS
  249. TNTEE, Thematic Network in Teacher Education and Research in Europe, http://tntee.umu.se/, ATLAS@CERN
  250. TRADEAG, AGriculturalTRADEAgreements, http://www.tradeag.eu/, CerOrganic
  251. Triangle, http://www.qualityfoundation.org, METASCHOOL
  252. Try Science, IBM Österreich http://www.tryscience.org, ATLAS@CERN

  253. UCF, www.ist.ucf.edu, OSR
  254. Umwelt am Ball, http://www.umweltamball.at, Organic.Edunet
  255. Umweltbildung zur Förderung umweltspezifischer Handlungs- und kognitiv-emotionaler Kompetenzen: Erfassung und Modellierung der Kompetenzstruktur,
    http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/de/forschung/proj, METASCHOOL
  256. Umweltzeichen, http://www.umweltzeichen.at, Organic.Edunet
  257. UNIQUE, European University Quality in eLearning,  http://unique.europace.org, CerOrganic
  258. UNITE, http://www.unite-ist.org, METASCHOOL
  259. Universität für Bodenkultur, http://www.boku.ac.at, Organic.Edunet
  260. Universität Wien, Institut für Astronomie, COSMOS
  261. Universität Wien, Lehrplanentwicklung, COSMOS
  262. US ADLnet (Advanced Distributed Learning Network, http://www.adlnet.org, OSR

  263. V-scout, http://www.education-observatories.net/value-scout, METASCHOOL
  264. Validation Framework http://valnet.eun.org, COSMOS
  265. VALNET, http://valnet.eun.org, OSR, Pathway
  266. Vemus, http://www.vemus.org/, METASCHOOL
  267. Virtuelle Schule, http://www.virtuelleschule.at, OSR

  268. Waldpädagogik, http://www.waldpaedagogik.at, Organic.Edunet
  269. Waldwissen.net - Informationen aus der Forstpraxis, www.waldwissen.net, Organic.Edunet
  270. Wasserschule, www.wasserschule.at, Organic.Edunet
  271. Web Service Modelling Ontology (WSMO), www.wsmo.org,  Organic.Edunet
  272. WEBTV, www.ellinogermaniki.gr/ep/webtv, METASCHOOL
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