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  • Transforming teaching and learning in computer science: Making effective use of pedagogy to foster good practice
    Petros Lameras, David Smith
    zum Bericht (.pdf)
  • Using Educational Programming Languages to enhance teaching in computer science
    zum Bericht (.pdf)
  • Mobile Applications for the ATLAS Outreach Programme
    Christian Reimers, Alexander Nischelwitzer
    zum Bericht (.pdf)
  • "Strengthening university and school partnerships to improve and sustain the integration of technology in schools: Three European case studies"
    David Smith, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Christian Reimers, University of Vienna, Alexander Nischelwitzer University Joanneum
    zum Bericht (.pdf)
  • Transforming teaching and learning: Changing the pedagogical approach to using Educational Programming Languages.
    Petros Lameras, David Smith, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Stavros Christodoulakis, Emanuela Ovcin, George Stylianakis
    zum Bericht (.pdf)
  • Strengthening University and School Partnerships to Improve and Sustain the Integration of Technology in Schools: Three European Case Studies
    Smith, D. Nischelwitzer, A., & Reimers, C. (2011). In: EDEN 2011 Annual Conference: Learning and Sustainability: The New Ecosystem of Innovation and Knowledge, 19-22 Jun 2011, Dublin, Ireland (paper in English)
    zur Publikation (.pdf)

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